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    Towards sustainable fulfillment

  • Let’s balance

    people, planet & profit


    Redefining progress - and consequently success - is our generation's greatest challenge, for the sake of the next





  • Set your organisation on the path to sustainable fulfillment by activating its purpose


    And amplify its impact by leveraging digital

  • Our approach


    Vision, mission, values

    Define what's most important to your organisation


    Sustainable fulfillment strategy

    Design your custom path towards positive impact


    Transformation plans

    Detail the actions required to make change happen


    Early stage execution

    Day-to-day support to get you off the ground

  • Our values

    Long term

    The horizon of sustainable growth


    The outcome of truly caring


    The source of sustainable growth


    The key to strong relationships

  • Our job


    Help people and organisations take a step back... towards sustainable fulfillment


    In order to help you do well by doing good, we become a part of your organisation:

    we work inside your leadership team and drive change until it sticks.


    As a consequence of this deep and long term involvement, we only work with very few organisations at once.




    on strategy




    individuals & teams

  • Discover some of the tools we frequently use

  • Our focus


    The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 global goals designed to be a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all". We focus on 3 of them:

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    Awareness & understanding

    We define success as "sustainable fulfillment". With such a definition, success requires to understand oneself and one's environment, which starts with quality education

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    Change paradigm

    We all need to behave responsibly both in our private and professional lives

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    All in

    For the sake of the future generations, it is time to take urgent action to preserve our environment

  • Founder

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    Alex Misseri

    from digital to sustainable transformations


    Alex was a leading expert on digital transformation, digital strategy, and omnichannel retail in Asia.

    Over time he grew a passion for purpose-led transformations.

    In 2019, he decided to dedicate his career to sustainable development goals.


    a step back is the combination of his expertise, passion and focus.


  • Experience & network

    Customer centricity

    Relentlessly focusing on customers and systematically putting them at the centre is initially a skill. As practice makes permanent, customer centricity has become Alex's natural way of approaching all topics, an asset for his transformation endeavours.

    Coaching & facilitation

    Alex has worked with numerous individuals and teams, helping them define, plan for and take action towards their future.

    He is experienced in design thinking and workshop facilitation, and is an accredited transformational coach.

    Sustainable development

    Alex led the definition of the sustainability strategy of the Bluebell Group. He is also an advisor to several companies and non-profit organisations tackling sustainable development goals aligned to his focus.

    Digital transformation

    Strategy & Goals | Skills & Culture | Technology & Data | Processes & KPIs

    Alex played a key role in the transformation of several companies from the inside (Etam, Publicis Sapient, Bluebell) and advised many others (L'Oréal, Cache Cache, Diageo, GrandVision, etc.)

    All things digital

    Strategy. Marketing. Ecommerce. Omnichannel. Design. Technology. Data. CRM.

    Alex's 15 years experience spans across all aspects of digital. His clients included Sephora, Asos, Mango, UGG, Uniqlo, Amway, HKTV, etc.

    Also, he was nourished by the industry's ways of working: speed, agility, simplicity, openness, customer centricity, etc.

  • Our commercial terms


    Our terms reflect our values: they are defined collaboratively with our clients, letting them offer the model (day rate, fixed cost, performance based) and the amount (of money or equity) they consider fair for the engagement and their organisation


    Also, we donate 1% of our revenues to organisations tackling the sustainable development goals we focus on

  • It all starts by taking

    a step back...